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The CakePop challenge

We have had several people ask us what sets up apart from other cake pops that can be purchased in stores so we put it to the test.

We bought a few pops from a well known coffee shop (starts with a S) to see how our pops measure up.

The results are in:

ImageHere is their pops.  As you can see, the sizes are quite different and the decorations are rather plain.  


Sure for a quick bite, we guess size and looks aren’t that big of a deal.  But if you had a choice, you’d probably want to eat something that was given a little more time and attention wouldn’t you??  Even our basic pops stand out a bit more! No question which ones are FayesCakePops….


But what about the taste?  Now that will always matter!!  So of course, we had to try them! BLINDFOLDED!  We have to be fair right?

And the results are in:

The main differences found are the texture and the flavor.  In the competitors pop, the flavor was bland with a slight defrosted taste (which is to be expected when mass-produced and frozen) and the chocolate was rather mushy.

So why are we different?  

We double dip our pops even before decorating!  And they are never frozen (unless you freeze them yourself).  All our pops are made to order so you know they are fresh.  And they are just darn cute if we do say so ourselves!


We did think about testing another product…





Birthday Pops!

Everyone with kids knows the chaos that comes with planning a birthday party.

First we have to accept the fact that our precious babies are another year older!  Then there’s deciding on a theme, a location, invitations, decorations, games, food, goody bags, etc etc etc.

So we’ve stepped in and taken one of those stressers away and have come up with theme cake pops for those birthday parties!!  You give us the theme and your idea and we do the rest!

Check out a few of our latest party pops:


Angry Birds!!


A choo choo train!!

IMG_5831 IMG_5836 IMG_5837 IMG_5838


And as a side notes with these, if you need a matching banner or decorations, I have a good friend that can hook you up!


Farm or zoo animals!


The sky is the limit!  Whether your kid is 1 or 101, we can take your party to a whole nother level!

Wedding Season!

It’s summer and you know what that means???

Wedding bells!!!

When a friend of mine asked us to help with her wedding cake, I was so excited!  She ended doing the creating and decorating herself and it turned out absolutely beautiful!!

See for yourself!

cake pop cake head table

cake pop cake guest table

And this is where we came in!  We’ve all seen the layered wedding cakes and even cupcake cakes.. but how about a CAKEPOP wedding cake??

cake pop cake 2  cake pop cakes

So unique but perfect for the occasion!  How beautiful and fun is this “cake”?

star wars groom

Every groom needs his own cake too!  Or cake pops in this case!

cake pop cake food table

Faye’s Cake Pops can match any décor!!  Perfect for a nice piece of delicious cake without the mess!

Let the Blogging Begin

Happy Kids

Andrew knows the sound of my mixer and comes running every time! Often saying “Help Me!” which means that he wants to help me. I am so lucky to spend my days with this sweet boy!  Faye’s Cake Pops is fast approaching the 1 year anniversary of when I got an order from someone that I didn’t know. Whitney W. happened to post on FB that she needed cake pops. A mutual friend, Molly, commented that I made them. Ta-Da! I had a great new client who has become a great friend! The cake pops were for her July 4th party, overlooking the great city of Nashville. This year, I have been invited to the party, I guess I better plan to bring the pops!

Creating Faye’s Cake Pops was a no-brainer. I loved making cake pops, people loved eating them, everyone is happy, happy, happy! Continuing to grow on the other hand has been exciting, scary, exhilarating and gut wrenching, sometimes all in the same day!  I have gone from doing a couple dozen a week, to dozens of pops a day. I have handed over all aspects of Faye’s Cake Pops, except the production of the pops. It is all I have time for. I have wrangled in the whole family, some days, it takes every single one of us to get orders complete and out the door on time.

Growth has been fantastic, we have grown by 100% each of the last 3 months.  Reviews have been fantastic. Support has been amazing! I couldn’t have done any of this without my friends and family!!!

Alas, the blog begins. I am not really sure where I will find the extra time to write blog posts, but those in the know say I have to do it!

I look forward to you sharing with me what you would like to read about…daily life as a stay at home mom entrepreneur? how to make a cake pop design? ways to use cake pops at your next event? The more ideas you send me, the better my posts will be!

So lets do this blog world! Here comes Faye’s Cake Pops!!!

Who doesn't need these at their next pool party?

Who doesn’t need these at their next pool party?