Birthday Pops!

Everyone with kids knows the chaos that comes with planning a birthday party.

First we have to accept the fact that our precious babies are another year older!  Then there’s deciding on a theme, a location, invitations, decorations, games, food, goody bags, etc etc etc.

So we’ve stepped in and taken one of those stressers away and have come up with theme cake pops for those birthday parties!!  You give us the theme and your idea and we do the rest!

Check out a few of our latest party pops:


Angry Birds!!


A choo choo train!!

IMG_5831 IMG_5836 IMG_5837 IMG_5838


And as a side notes with these, if you need a matching banner or decorations, I have a good friend that can hook you up!


Farm or zoo animals!


The sky is the limit!  Whether your kid is 1 or 101, we can take your party to a whole nother level!

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