The CakePop challenge

We have had several people ask us what sets up apart from other cake pops that can be purchased in stores so we put it to the test.

We bought a few pops from a well known coffee shop (starts with a S) to see how our pops measure up.

The results are in:

ImageHere is their pops.  As you can see, the sizes are quite different and the decorations are rather plain.  


Sure for a quick bite, we guess size and looks aren’t that big of a deal.  But if you had a choice, you’d probably want to eat something that was given a little more time and attention wouldn’t you??  Even our basic pops stand out a bit more! No question which ones are FayesCakePops….


But what about the taste?  Now that will always matter!!  So of course, we had to try them! BLINDFOLDED!  We have to be fair right?

And the results are in:

The main differences found are the texture and the flavor.  In the competitors pop, the flavor was bland with a slight defrosted taste (which is to be expected when mass-produced and frozen) and the chocolate was rather mushy.

So why are we different?  

We double dip our pops even before decorating!  And they are never frozen (unless you freeze them yourself).  All our pops are made to order so you know they are fresh.  And they are just darn cute if we do say so ourselves!


We did think about testing another product…





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