Growing Pains

For the first 18 months that I made cake pops, the number of orders was really inconsistent. Because of that, there was no real need to make plans for growth. Then November 2013 hit, and I haven’t slowed down since. An average day has me popping at least 8 hours. That is a big difference from this little hobby I picked up a couple of years ago. The upside is that I am able to accomplish everything with the help of one amazing employee, my family and my toddler by my side. The downside is that I really need to decide how and where to invest next. I definitely need an additional fridge and stove, that is a no brainer! But what tasks do I start training others to do? Who do I hire? How will we fit in my kitchen? I honestly enjoy the flexibility of doing it on my own most days, if Andrew is fussy, I stop and play with him and know I will just work later in the evening. Having more permanent help means a more diligent schedule, not a bad thing, just all things I am processing as our orders continue to increase every week.
These are the stressful thoughts I’d rather ignore. My friends always ask “are you still loving it?” And I truly am. I love the calming effect sitting at my table creating something beautiful out of chocolate gives me. I don’t love when I am behind schedule and rushing to finish an order. But when I am ahead of schedule just doing my thing, I love my job/hobby!
I love looking back at old pictures and realizing how far I have come with my skills. I love seeing eyes light up when someone bites into one of my cake pops. I love the challenge of a new design I at first can’t imagine doing well.
So all in all I am loving Faye’s Cake Pops! Which means I have to figure out how and where to grow, and make it happen!



One thought on “Growing Pains

  1. Do what you love first. Everything else will fall in place. Once you start stressing, that’s when things start going wrong. Don’t go there! Your doing a great job. And yes, you do need additonal space, fridge and stove. You might want to rent a place. ๐Ÿ™‚

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